I like to collaborate to make good care available.

Ever since I started this work, it has always been a dream of mine to create a practice where I can help people build healthy relationships with themselves and others. I can’t do this on my own. That is why I like to enter into partnerships with other local entrepreneurs, practices and aid workers to make a small part of the world a healthier and more vibrant place.

At the moment, I collaborate

with these practices:

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Praktijk Oosting

Praktijk Oosting

logo partner gestaltpraktijk maurice foulon 2

Maurice Foulon

logo partner praktijk lumen 2

Praktijk Lumen

logo partner gestaltpraktijk van der meer

Van der Meer

logo partner ceciel van sante

Ceciel van Sante

Honings Psychotherapie

Honings psychotherapie

Gestalt Texel 1

Gestalt therapie Texel

logo partner de leefstijl dietist 2

The Lifestyle Dietitian

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I sponsor Oriental Dance Foundation

Do you also want to collaborate with me?

My goal with Psychologist Groningen is to help as many people as possible deal with life from a healthy inner leadership. By helping people connect with themselves and others in a healthy way, we can create a world in which life is good for ourselves, our environment and our world.

Or do you have a question?

If we can help each other reach my goal, please contact me to discuss the possibilities.

Address of the practice:
Asterstraat 14
9713 TX Groningen