How can I help you?

Psychological problems have very different ways of expressing themselves. To help you find out which treatment could be best for you, learn more about the different categories of problems here.

Am I in the right place for my problem?

At Psychologist Groningen you can get a treatment for the following six categories of symptoms. Is your specific problem not listed? You can always contact me to discuss the possibilities.

Stress & burnout

Stress and burnout change your whole world. Everything that used to be normal suddenly doesn’t work anymore. Read more about why this is and what you can do about it.


When you’re in a depression, everything becomes increasingly grey. You no longer experience joy, have little energy and may even be thinking about suicide. Luckily, there are other options.


The intensity with which anxiety can suddenly hit, is hard to describe. Sometimes it focusses on a specific fear and sometimes it’s very broad. Get to know your fear in a different way and learn to deal with it differently.

Eating problems

Whether it’s eating too much or too little: eating problems have an effect on your entire life. We can find out what’s causing the problem and what you can do about it.


These are symptoms that can’t be (sufficiently) indicated by medical procedures, but can have a severe effect on you. You can learn how to explore these psychosomatic symptoms in a different way.

Existential questions

‘What do I want with my life?’ ‘Which choice should I make?’ ‘How can I fill my days with value and authenticity?’ We can explore these and more life questions together.

How do I help you?

Take a look at how we can get to work and what the practical implications of therapy are.

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Because of leave, I’m not taking on any new clients at the moment. I’m
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