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What I like about Dea is her calmness and accessibility. With you I can drop my shield without being afraid you will take advantage. She has given me useful tools and leads if I get stuck. Dea knows how to do her job and is very professional. She knows exactly when she has to help you and when she has to let you struggle a bit yourself.

Daniël, 22 years

Her calm appearance and listening ear make you feel comfortable quickly. Dea knows how to get to the heart of the matter with her treatment that she specifically tailors to every person. You are always welcome, with a tear and with a laugh. The sessions can be hard of course, but we can also laugh now and then. I have been helped very well!

Holly, 20 years

Dea let me puzzle for myself by listening well and by asking questions why I got stuck in certain situations and gave me the tools I needed to deal with it. Thank you again for this.

Robert, 61 years

Because of her calm appearance I felt immediately at ease with Dea. By asking good questions she helped me understand situations better and see them in a different light. I got a lot out of our conversations together and can recommend her care. You are in good hands with Dea.

Nina, 42 years

A peaceful and welcoming atmosphere that makes it easy to open up. It doesn’t only feel like solving problems, but more as an open conversation.

Leo, 19 years

Dea helped me a lot to get my thoughts and feelings together and to understand myself a little bit better. With her aid I managed to get through some difficult times and she didn’t give up on me even when I was about to. Smart, professional and a delightful personality.

Angelo, 33 years

We have very good experiences with Dea. She is calm, gives good tips and doesn’t use vague language. She has got us back on the right track!

Clara and Hans, 62 and 67 years

Dea has helped me understand myself better when I got stuck on my own. You can have serious conversations with her, but you can also laugh together. This makes it easy to talk to her. I have benefited a lot from our sessions!

Bobbi, 19 years

Dea helps me in my grieving process. She is a very calm and nice person. With Dea I feel safe to talk about all my feelings. She doesn’t judge and resonates with me at the same time. She asks good questions that help me further. She calms me and helps me get more clarity and space in my head.

Petra, 60 years

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Because of leave, I’m not taking on any new clients at the moment. I’m
closed from the 25th of July till the 25th of November 2024. Look at the page Collaboration for possible other options. From the 25th of November onward I will reply again.